Weight Management Program - Before and After Photos

We are looking for new before and after photos. If you are doing well please send to drstege@drstege.com

My name is Denna and here is my weight loss story. Before seeing Dr. Stege almost 5 years ago I was sure that I would never be able to loose weight and accept myself as I was, yet I felt helpless and hopeless. When I first went to the office I was 189 pounds. In a 5’2” body, battling depression, had a fast heart rate, just found out that I developed Type II diabetes and felt terrible about myself.

Dr Stege worked with me for 5 years to get the weight off. Often times I did not think it was possible but with the support and encouragement that he and his staff have given me I have finally been able to completely change the way that I feel about myself and my life entirely.

For the first time in 33 years I actually feel comfortable in my own body. Not only has the weight loss given me confidence that I have never had, it has also improved my health greatly. My diabetes is diet controlled only – no pills or shots, I take half the inderal (for fast heart rate) that I did when I started, and I am no longer ashamed of who I am.

Some doctors are not understanding or helpful, however, that is not true with Dr. Stege. He understands and has the knowledge to know that we are not overweight because we want to be, we have a disease and sometimes we as humans need help to control the disease. This is exactly what Dr. Stege does.

What Our Patients are saying...

"I thought losing weight had to be hard, boy was I wrong"
"Thank you Dr. Stege, my daughter is a new person!"
"Fear was keeping me from losing weight, don't let it keep you from being thinner."
"They helped me realize being heavy was not my fault."

"I did it for me, but the fact that everyone else noticed isn't bad either ."
"I lost the weight but I didn't have to do it alone."



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